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Population/Excel/1_1.xlsPopulation/PDF/1_1.pdfTable No (1.1): Population by Sex and Municipality
Population/Excel/1_3_F.xlsPopulation/PDF/1_3_F.pdfTable No (1.3): Female population by municipality & age
Population/Excel/1_3_M.xlsPopulation/PDF/1_3_M.pdfTable No (1.3): Male population by municipality & age
Population/Excel/1_3_T.xlsPopulation/PDF/1_3_T.pdfTable No (1.3): Population by municipality & age
Population/Excel/1_5.xlsPopulation/PDF/1_5.pdfTable No (1.5): Population by age, municipality, sex and male/female ratio
Population/Excel/1_9.xlsPopulation/PDF/1_9.pdfTable No (1.9): Distribution of households and household population by average size of household and municipality
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