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Quarterly Sequence of Economic Accounts for the Total Economy Fourth Quarter, 2014
16 Apr 2015
Consumer Price Index (CPI), March 2015
15 April 2015
MDPS and Diplomatic Institute Issue MDG Report
12 Apr 2015
Quarterly Gross Domestic Product by Economic Activities, Q4 2014
30 Mar 2015
Qatar Foreign Merchandise Trade Surplus was QR 18.2 billion in February, 2015
29 Mar 2015
Monthly Producer Price Index of Industrial sector (PPI), January 2015
26 Mar 2015


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Key Indicators

Total number of labor force, 2014: 1.7 Million

Participation Rate (15 years and above), 2014: 87.6%

Unemployment Rate, 2014: 0.2%

Consumer Price Index (March - 2015): 103.8

Producer Price Index (December - 2014): 125.4

Quarterly Gross Domestic Product by Economic Activities at currnet prices, Third Quarter, 2014: 193.08 Billion QR

Total exports of goods(including exports of domestic origin and reexports) January 2015: QR 28.2 billion

Imports of goods in January 2015: QR 9.7 billion

Literacy Rate (15 years and above) 2014: 97.7%

Gross Enrollment Rate in Primary School 2013: 100.7

Gross Enrollment Rate in Secondary School 2013: 95.2

Qatar Elected as Member of UN Statistical Commission and Commission on Population and Development
15 April 2015
The Minister receives the Ambassador of Syrian Republic
02 April 2015
Joint Press Conference between MDPS and MMUB on the launch of Qatar Population & Housing Census 2015
31 March 2015

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 Media Press Release:
Peninsula: Qatar prepares for mid-term census
30 Dec 2014
Gulf Times: Qatar plans to implement modern statistics system
30 Dec 2014
 Peninsula: Qatar economy to grow 7.7pc in 2015
17 Dec 2014
  Census 2015 Electronic Registration

In order for you
to fill out your
family information electronically for Census 2015, please register with us
using the link below:

Electronic Registration


Census 2015


MDPS is conducting Qatar 2015 Mini-Census of Population, Housing and Establishment, according to the recommendations of the United Nations


   Total Population 31 March 2015



  *as per  official administrative records

Qatar 2015 Mini-Census of Population, Housing and Establishments

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April 2015

Monthly Consumer Price Report (CPI)
Monthly Foreign Trade Report (FT)

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