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Consumer Price Index (CPI) August, 2014
09 September 2014
Release of the 8th Issue of Window on Economic Statistics of Qatar (Q1-2014)
 08 September 2014
Training Chapter - Annual Abstract 2014
07 September 2014
Annual Bulletin of Labor Force Survey 2013
04 September 2014
A slump of 30.4% in traffic violations
04 September 2014
Producer Price Index (PPI) June, 2014
25 August 2014


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Key Indicators

Consumer Price Index (July - 2014): 118.0

Producer Price Index (June - 2014): 171.3

Quarterly Gross Domestic Product by Economic Activities at currnet prices, First Quarter, 2014: 187,460 Mn QR

Total Imports of goods (July 2014): 8.3 billion QR

Total Exports of goods (July 2014): 41.5 billion QR

Literacy Rate (15 years and above) 2013: 97.5%

Participation Rate (15 years and above) 2013: 87.2%

Unemployment Rate 2013: 0.3%

Economic Dependency Ratio 2013: 33%

Gross Enrollment Rate in Primary School 2013: 100.7

Gross Enrollment Rate in Secondary School 2013: 95.2

Total number of labor force 2013: 1.5 Million

Dr. Saleh Leads Qatar's Delegation to ESCWA 28th Ministerial Meeting
 18 September 2014
MDPS Releases Various Monthly Data
 07 August 2014
Dr. Saleh Al-Nabit presents the National Voluntary Presentation on the development in Qatar
 14 July 2014

News Archive

 Media Press Release: 04 Sep 2014
Gulf Times: Traffic violations drop in July
Peninsula: Road facilities marginally down in July
Capacity Building Course on National Development Strategy 2011-2016 (NDS)

The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics and ExxonMobil Qatar officially launched the Capacity Building Course on National Development Strategy 2011-2016 (NDS)

  Regional Workshop on education classification and statistics in the GCC and Yemen

The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, in cooperation with the UNESCO Statistics Institute, will organize in Doha a regional workshop on education statistics and its classification in the Gulf states and Yemen on this March 23-25.

   Total Population 31 August 2014



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 Qatar Monthly Statistics publication August 2014

Monthly Consumer Price Report (CPI) August, 2014

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