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26 Jan 2009

QSA continues its efforts in preparing for the upcoming 2010 Census


HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jabor bin Jassem Al Thani, President of the Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA), stated today that the Statistics Authority is now well advanced with its preparations for the Population, Housing and Establishments Census, which is due to take place in April 2010. His Excellency noted the significance of the census outcomes, and their importance to policy planners working towards Qatar’s social and economic development and, particularly, in facilitating and measuring Qatar’s progress towards the National Vision 2030.


As part of the preparations for the 2010 Census, His Excellency noted that the QSA will hold a consultative meeting with census stakeholders on 26 January 2009. This consultation will aid in the identification of stakeholders’ data needs, and will help shape the Census questionnaires. This will mean that the Census outputs are tailored towards the needs of policy makers, maximising their effectiveness as Qatar moves towards the realisation of the National Vision.

 His Excellency further stated that the QSA has recently formed a number of working groups to prepare for the Census, adding that these working groups comprise experts and researchers who will train members of the Census 2010 working team.

His Excellency said that the questionnaire working group have already designed and drafted eight questionnaires covering the key census areas. These questionnaires are designed to ensure that all units (establishments; buildings; residential units; houses and individuals) are covered by the census, and will aid in avoiding repetition of coverage.

The eight questionnaires are as follows:
1. Enumeration of buildings;
2. Enumeration of establishments, residential units and houses.
3. Survey of establishments (usage, et cetera);
4. Family living conditions;
5. Survey of labour camp residents;
6. Survey of public housing residents;
7. Survey of hotel residents and transit travellers through airports, ports and land border crossings;
8. Survey of Qataris living abroad.

In preparing and designing these questionnaires, His Excellency stated that the working group had adopted UN recommendations for the conduct of population and housing censuses. The group was also responsive to the data needs that were agreed upon by GCC member states, including categories that were compliant with those needs, along with all of those that would allow comparisons to be made with previous censuses. These previous censuses were conducted in Qatar in 1986, 1997 and 2004, and comparisons will enable policy makers to measure Qatar’s progress in key social and economic areas.

His Excellency confirmed that the QSA was working closely with other agencies within Qatar to ensure that the census process was as accurate and streamlined as possible. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, as well as Kahramaa, had provided up to date urban mapping to enable census planning to be completely comprehensive.

 His Excellency Sheikh Hamad noted that there will be a broad publicity campaign to raise awareness about the 2010 Census, using advertising, consultation desks and tents, flags, pamphlets, press releases, a series of community programmes, and a website. The profile of the census will also be raised through internet publicity campaigns, SMS messaging, and Friday sermons. His Excellency reiterated the important role the census has to play in providing the information that can help Qatar move towards its social and economic development goals, making the 2030 National Vision a reality. He said that the public should expect to see more information about the census as the April 2010 data approaches, and is hopeful that this will facilitate a strong response rate.